Maddox’s new single may be the one to wake the industry up after releasing top-tier pop on Soundcloud.


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Not much is known about Maddox… at all. He’s mysterious, but he’s not trying to be. From a social angle, he hops deep and playful fences often. On My Wheels was the first time I heard his music. His new single But Maybe is now streaming on YouTube.

Lyrics written by @xxmaddox@o0omiso0o@cyc719
Composed by @xxmaddox@eden_yh@seop_buddy
Arranged by @eden_yh@seop_buddy
Recorded & mixed by @ingrid_studio
Mastered by @metropolisstudios
Album introduction by @cinphile
Styling by @madeboyhyup
Hair & makeup by @nangmansalon
Fashion film directed by @gowontae


NOEL Drops “Mount Olympus”

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Houston, TX rapper NOEL is preparing his album Generation Mac for release this year. To precede this project, he’s released his new music video for his song “Mount Olympus”, a far cry from the R&B offerings found in his earlier work.

In “Mount Olympus”, NOEL puts his bars on full display while showing his inclination for theatrics: narration, subtitles, intermissions, and more. These things go a long way for new artists making a name for themselves. The sticking point for me watching the sleeveless NOEL catapult himself around this barren mountain where the video was shot was his proclaimation that he was “Zayn with some 808s”. In an industry where branding has overtaken, a lot of artists choose to play the game while hoping to maintain their own identity. If I were NOEL, I would stick with the Zayn with some 808s tagline and turn into a social or media campaign.

Watch the video here:

VAIN returns with a bang, seamlessly adapts to Believe on R. D. Abernathy

The monthly party says goodbye to Studio No. 7, kicks off new era

“Just follow me. Just follow me. Let’s dance,” says DJ $ushi Ceej.

Ceej has played at Vain for years and has become one of, if not the, leading Atlanta DJs controlling what the community gets down to on any given weeknight.

The night also marks the shift to the venue Believe on R. D. Abernathy. “Very ratchet,” says SRDTV of the place before Trevon Williams and his team took a hold of it. Vain held a residency at the cozy Studio no. 7 on Marietta Street for years.

The good thing is that Vain, as advertised in promotion, had a long, long line. The bad thing is that the gusts and sleet-like rain pelting people. The banners were a nice touch but was there an effort towards installing overheads? That’s all I’m asking.

Notable attendees included Junia Abaidoo, Key!, Josiah, SRDTV, James Supreme. Around 1AM is when the 90s R&B comes in, the pinnacle of feel good feel good gets. Champagne Trap likes sirens and blared them all night.