Khalid Steals Music Midtown

6:43 PM

Gucci Mane’s DJ takes the stage and starts with A$AP Ferg’s “Plain Jane”. He went on to spin Future “Same Damn Time” and cult classic “Knuck If U Buck”. Gucci took the stage 7:05 with Both, rapping along to Drake’s chorus, and I Get The Bag. He wore a white red and blue tracksuit with shades. He took his shirt off at 7:07 PM to further bring out what felt like a last-second outfit. Long matching basketball shorts. High red socks and chains. Back on Road was #3 and the second Drake feature to reel the crowd in. After asking where the day one fans were, Gucci segued into “I Think I Love Her”. After performing fan favorites like “Lemonade” and “Freaky Girl”, he brings out out four guests, each escalating in reception — Lil Quill, Yung Mal, and Hoodrich Pablo Juan out, and Lil Yachty for “Minnesota”.

Khalid takes the stage 7:45. At 7:56, he’s steadily fueled his performance with an all black ensemble of an outfit and five back up dancers wearing green. At 8 PM, he launches into a self proclaimed “sad as fuck” song. He ends up stealing Day 3 of Music Midtown with a three song run of “Let’s Go”, “Location”, and “OTW”, a relatively new single featuring Ty Dolla $ign and 6lack that shows the direction he may be headed in, a syrupy rhythm and blues sound that recalls late 90s nostalgia.

While the Pulitzer winning Music Midtown headliner prepared to go on stage, The Damn. Tour hologram hung, anticipation grew. He took it like foreign territory, wore a shirt a darker shade of green with the lettering NOT FOR SALE. He opened with DNA, started King Kunta at 9:10 PM. Largely able to go through the motions, Kendrick did some of that, but managed to break through a slow start to a near-raucous set, thanks to choice cuts like “Goosebumps”, “mAAd city”, and “Backseat Freestyle”. Listing all of his projects up to DAMN., he name-checked The Kendrick Lamar EP, but the none of his songs performed dated back to before his debut album on Interscope. “Money Trees” made an appearance, as did “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe.” Before closing it out, Lamar ordered fireworks shot into the dusky black hue that hovered above Piedmont Park, a fitting gesture for an artist whose own intonations and declarations do something to the air.

#BNT: RobOlu – “Sucka Free”

Sucka Free Cover new2 copy


Nigerian-American artist RobOlu is one of the best new rappers to emerge within Atlanta’s bustling underground hip-hop scene. Following a packed to capacity release party for his full-length Bigger Than Reality and the brief but sublime Excellence extended play, RobOlu returns over Sensei ATL produced sound. The song is now streaming wherever you stream music.


BNT: Turls ~ Pusher (prod. Popstar Benny)

Photo: Courtesy of Turls’ Twitter


Popstar FM is quietly becoming one of Atlanta’s leading indie labels. Powered by mastermind Popstar Benny, a producer / graphic designer / DJ in his own right, Benny has proven to be relentless when it comes to keeping his foot on the gas.

His latest production, a 2:09 blend of his pop sensibilities and glittering melodies that separate him from the rest of Atlanta’s producers, provides the perfect background for Gwinnett County’s Turls to find the pocket. Turls particularly shines on the hook.

The two are working on an album together.

The single cover art was taken by Casey Doran. The track was mixed by Jackson Laurie / @Wavvv.

More Info:

Turls on Twitter

Popstar Benny on Twitter

Popstar FM on Twitter

Daywlk – “Zoo” (prod. The Beat Plug)

Photo: Joshua Sowemimo

Out of all my observations of Daywlk’s latest offering, “Zoo”, the most endearing quality is the artist’s patience in his delivery. He’s found new flows and it shows. The flow itself doesn’t let itself stagnate in the 3:06 it takes for Daywlk to conceptualize his thoughts, breaking itself up and putting itself back together over and over again. “Zoo” is produced by The Beat Plug and was mixed by Zach Alum.

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Daywlk on Twitter

Daywlk on Instagram

RobOlu – Excellence EP

Photo: Nathaniel Johnson IV

RobOlu returns with 4 new songs, fashioned as the Excellence EP. The songs are dark and dynamic. As a result, Rob’s vocals boom like thunder. Be sure to check out his recent video for “Moonwalk”, his most pop-friendly record to date.

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RobOlu on Twitter

Alexis Roberts – “God’s Plan (Cover)”


Photo: Emily Wang

Alexis, freed from the trenches of a near focus-tested flow Drake employs in the first verse, changes the groove of “God’s Plan” into something her’s, as per usual. I’m really into the rendition of the song’s sing-a-long bait as well as her inflection, chewing through the song-writing to articulate marbled-mouthed vocals. Her erudite strumming, quite consequently, finds itself best suited for little else. The three – counting the artist’s aesthetic in curls, matching graphic and jacket, nail polish to match her collar – are in the business of originating content that’s largely and literally derivative.

@champagnepapi x gods plan

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BNT: KYLORAF – “Bad Dreams” (prod. Weird Fears)



KYLORAF links Weird Fears for this impressive debut single. Picking Toronto-based graphic designer Kristjan Evans to bring the cover art to life, KYLORAF is off to a hot start and isn’t afraid to collaborate. Not much else is known about the new artist to date but we look forward to hearing more from him.

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KYLORAF on Twitter


BNT: Nessly – “Back To Life”



Atlanta-based, Brooklyn-born rapper Nessly is a sonic purveyor of auto-tuned flamboyancy. His excellent ear for production has led to working with New York production team Take A Daytrip, a team known for pushing and blurring the boundaries of EDM and rap. Nessly seems to be the one of the few – perhaps the sole – artist to wring a lasso over his head and pull Take A Daytrip back to his world on wax, finding pockets in productions and making it sound effortless.

Tagging his songs on streaming services with tags like Alternative Rock, Nessly comes off as another staunch advocate of the rock sound perpetuating hip-hop today. Whether he’s trolling or not – he may never say – much of his music expresses a scorned attitude on both life and art, a desirable trait for a young person’s discerning ear, and certainly a very rock perspective.

“Back To Life”, from new album “Wildflower” out later this year on Republic Records, goes from verse to bridge to hook to verse to bridge to hook without much fanfare, prolonged intros or ad-libbed detours. The song finds Nessly in a focused state, intending to set a tone. This is a good indicator of a piece of music’s replay value. Nessly is at his best when he delves into analogies, playing with the English language in instances, “Donated all of my blood / I do this shit for my blood.” His references to vampires add another dimension to a song that finds itself unaware of its own cultural depth, a dimension Nessly could stand to explore more of in hopes to further differentiate his already unique sound.

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Nessly on Twitter