The Kavanaugh Trial

The Democrats are using the Clarence Thomas method to try and stop Kavanaugh, but they will fail yet again. She’s been deleting her social media presence to hide her political activism in an apparent cooperation with the democrats. This is too easy. Why do the Democrats stoop to these levels? It never works for them. There are hypocrites everywhere, as we learn time and time again in America.


No idea if it really happened or not but are people not allowed to change? And for the better?  Is everybody the same person they were at 17?  If Kavanaugh actually did it and he said, “hey I’m sorry this happened” it likely still wouldn’t be enough. There needs to be solid evidence for me to actually believe this. Due process should still exist – legally and culturally.  We are in a unique situation. We now have men losing their jobs and getting judged based on actions taken 10+ years ago.  Dudes are getting judged based on cracking jokes. Look at that one director from the Guardians franchise. This dude is getting killed over something that happened when he was a kid more than 30 years ago. That’s insanity.


This is an example from back in Texas. This 50 year old superintendent had some trouble with bullying in his school district and a man came into a school board meeting and said he was bullied by the guy when he was 11 years old back in the 70s.

Can it not be that the guy was an asshole in his teenager boy days that is probably more of a result of herd mentality and realized he was wrong and improved as a person? This shit is tiring and it’s cultural. This is a new low, trying to smear a man for sth that probably didn’t happen 30 years ago at high school. The timing of the accusation is a dead giveaway that this is bullshit. People who support or even tolerate this behavior based on a misguided sense of loyalty are as much guilty in this as those who decided to make use of such abhorrent methods.

This Kavanaugh guy is scum. It’s been revealed that he lied under oath regarding domestic spying programs in the Bush era. He belongs in jail, not the Supreme Court.

AL Franken had the good sense to resign over an allegation. Mr. Kavanaugh should rescind his acceptance of nomination immediately. It’s the right thing to do. It’s obvious that all this circus is not about a nomination, it’s purely about politics. I consider myself more left than right, but this farce is just sad. It’s about fucking touching or not touching a pussy 36 years ago while drinking as a teenager, which is one of the most common things on earth. Yeah, Kavanaugh is the prime example of a fraternity brother with very wealthy background, enjoying the Ralph Lauren commercial lifestyle on the east coast but let’s be honest here.

Here’s the allegation. While he was drunk, he or his friend pushed a girl into a room and onto a bed. His friend turned the music in the room up, he got on top of her and started to grind on her while attempting to take off her clothes. She attempted to scream and he covered her mouth. Groping is highly inappropriate, but we’re talking about attempted rape here, or at least sexual assault. Now if he had admitted that he did what he has been accused of or that it is possible, though he doesn’t remember, we could go from there. Instead, he is clearly stating that these allegations are lies and that he is the victim of lies and smears. If we are to believe that this is a “prime example of a fraternity brother with very wealthy background,” we have a nominee for the Supreme Court who can’t cop to past mistakes and is lying under oath. This is serious.

Ford’s life, as well as that of her husband and children, have been turned upside down. She has received numerous death threats, her home address has been published online. The address of her parents has been published online. Her reputation has been dragged through the mud. Some would have us believe that she has done all of this to herself and her family for a lie. These were the things she was concerned about prior to coming forward and, in part, why it took so long for her story to come to light.

If you don’t realize that the Durbin/FBI probe is a trap, then you’re a fool. He denies the allegations. It’s not up to him to get the FBI involved. The committee had plenty of time to get the FBI involved. And besides, there are so many holes in Ford’s story that it would be a taxpayer’s waste of time and money. He’ll be confirmed by next week.

Who Is Maaz Khalifa?


What is your earliest memory of music?

My earliest memory of music is listening to random Bollywood songs in my dad’s car when I was a kid. Even though I didn’t understand any of the words, the songs were catchy to me.

How much of a musical history do you have in your family?

My family doesn’t have any musical history, but my dad likes to sing random songs fairly often.

Are you the first person to pursue music in your family?


What made you fall in love with the genre you make today?

I had a phase in my life where I was trying to figure out my top 10 favorite artists. I would listen to a fairly wide variety of music, and I realized that all my favorite artists were in the genre of Hip-Hop/Rap.

What is your writing and recording process like?

I usually listen to whatever the newest/hottest rap album is out at the moment to gain inspiration from. I type bars into my iPhone notes, and I don’t stop until I have at least 16 lines. I won’t go back and edit what I wrote until I finish at least 16 lines. It takes me around 15 minutes or less. Most of my lyrics are “rated R”, but I feel like if I spent more time on it, I would be able to convey a better message with my lyrics. My recording process involves me screaming into those white apple headphones with the microphone attached. I go into a corner of my bedroom to record. It’s not very soundproof, but it’s the best I can do. Everything is plugged into my computer, and I use GarageBand to mix everything. I’m not very good at it at all, but I try my best.

How has attending the University of Michigan informed your creative process?

I don’t think attending U of M has informed my creative process at all. None of my friends are doing what I’m doing, but I still share whatever I’m working on with them. I appreciate the feedback they give me.

Who was the first person to give you the name Maaz Khalifa?

I got it from my teammates from high school soccer. I was really skinny (still am) and I had a slight mustache. Everyone thought I looked like Wiz Khalifa. His mixtape Cabin Fever was really popping off at the time as well. All the upperclassmen would blast it on the way to soccer games.

Why rap under that and not your government name?

I’ve always used that nickname for everything. Whether it be my Xbox gamertag, my Instagram, or random website usernames. Also, “Khalifa” means successor in Arabic and I feel like it had more meaning than my actual last name.

How did you link up with Affluent and Mula for your song “I Wanna”?

Affluent is a family friend from California. And Mula is a guy I found off Soundcloud.

Who are your top five favorite rappers of all time?

This is a tough one. In no particular order, Biggie, Drake, Lil Wayne, Kanye, Dr. Dre.

Who are the newer artists you like today?

Travis Scott, Quavo, Future, Lil Uzi, Young Thug, Post Malone, NAV, Big Sean

You’ve only put out 2 songs, one being “It’s Maaz Khalifa”, how did you come up with that song?

Me and my friend were freestyling just for fun over random beats on Youtube. I decided to write my lyrics down, record it the next day, and post it on Soundcloud. All just for fun. I had no intention of making money or for the song to gain any popularity. It was only recently that I realized I was making money from Spotify streams. Can’t believe I’ve made almost $100 with a song I made in under an hour. (“I Wanna”).

How many unreleased songs are you sitting on right now?

Like 4 unfinished songs.

Who are your favorite producers?

Metro Boomin and Dr. Dre are my absolute favorites. Some producers that are current;y peaking my interest are Murda Beatz, Beats By Saif, DJ Mustard, Southside, Mike WiLL Made-It, NAV, and London on da track.

What are your thoughts on Nav being the first brown boy to get it popping?

I’m in love with NAV, but I feel like it’s just brown people that like him a lot. I wish he blew up earlier. Can’t wait for Perfect Timing pt. 2. And I can’t believe he helped produce “Back To Back”-Drake.

What are your thoughts on the state of the music industry in 2018?

I think the state of the music industry in 2018 is solid. I feel like a lot of “old heads” aren’t used to hearing mumble rap, so they might think 2018 rap sucks, but in general, I like the direction it’s heading towards. I think it’s kind of tiring to hear a new “Lil [insert name]” rapper come out like every week, so I would say things are getting a little oversaturated, but that just means that rappers have to do whatever it takes to make higher quality music and stand out from the competition. I like how rappers hype up their upcoming projects on social media and put out snippets every once in a while.

What are your goals in music?

My only goal right now is to keep promoting my song without annoying all of my social media followers. I’m currently trying to focus on school and my music isn’t a high priority right now.

What’s next for you?

I am trying to continue to grow my Instagram and give advice to those who want help promoting their music. I’ve learned a bunch of different tactics through my year long music “career”. I may not have the free time to make my own music, but I hopefully will have enough time to help others with their music careers.

Listen to “I Wanna” and follow him on Instagram.

Khalid Steals Music Midtown

6:43 PM

Gucci Mane’s DJ takes the stage and starts with A$AP Ferg’s “Plain Jane”. He went on to spin Future “Same Damn Time” and cult classic “Knuck If U Buck”. Gucci took the stage 7:05 with Both, rapping along to Drake’s chorus, and I Get The Bag. He wore a white red and blue tracksuit with shades. He took his shirt off at 7:07 PM to further bring out what felt like a last-second outfit. Long matching basketball shorts. High red socks and chains. Back on Road was #3 and the second Drake feature to reel the crowd in. After asking where the day one fans were, Gucci segued into “I Think I Love Her”. After performing fan favorites like “Lemonade” and “Freaky Girl”, he brings out out four guests, each escalating in reception — Lil Quill, Yung Mal, and Hoodrich Pablo Juan out, and Lil Yachty for “Minnesota”.

Khalid takes the stage 7:45. At 7:56, he’s steadily fueled his performance with an all black ensemble of an outfit and five back up dancers wearing green. At 8 PM, he launches into a self proclaimed “sad as fuck” song. He ends up stealing Day 3 of Music Midtown with a three song run of “Let’s Go”, “Location”, and “OTW”, a relatively new single featuring Ty Dolla $ign and 6lack that shows the direction he may be headed in, a syrupy rhythm and blues sound that recalls late 90s nostalgia.

While the Pulitzer winning Music Midtown headliner prepared to go on stage, The Damn. Tour hologram hung, anticipation grew. He took it like foreign territory, wore a shirt a darker shade of green with the lettering NOT FOR SALE. He opened with DNA, started King Kunta at 9:10 PM. Largely able to go through the motions, Kendrick did some of that, but managed to break through a slow start to a near-raucous set, thanks to choice cuts like “Goosebumps”, “mAAd city”, and “Backseat Freestyle”. Listing all of his projects up to DAMN., he name-checked The Kendrick Lamar EP, but the none of his songs performed dated back to before his debut album on Interscope. “Money Trees” made an appearance, as did “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe.” Before closing it out, Lamar ordered fireworks shot into the dusky black hue that hovered above Piedmont Park, a fitting gesture for an artist whose own intonations and declarations do something to the air.

#BNT: RobOlu – “Sucka Free”

Sucka Free Cover new2 copy


Nigerian-American artist RobOlu is one of the best new rappers to emerge within Atlanta’s bustling underground hip-hop scene. Following a packed to capacity release party for his full-length Bigger Than Reality and the brief but sublime Excellence extended play, RobOlu returns over Sensei ATL produced sound. The song is now streaming wherever you stream music.


BNT: Turls ~ Pusher (prod. Popstar Benny)

Photo: Courtesy of Turls’ Twitter


Popstar FM is quietly becoming one of Atlanta’s leading indie labels. Powered by mastermind Popstar Benny, a producer / graphic designer / DJ in his own right, Benny has proven to be relentless when it comes to keeping his foot on the gas.

His latest production, a 2:09 blend of his pop sensibilities and glittering melodies that separate him from the rest of Atlanta’s producers, provides the perfect background for Gwinnett County’s Turls to find the pocket. Turls particularly shines on the hook.

The two are working on an album together.

The single cover art was taken by Casey Doran. The track was mixed by Jackson Laurie / @Wavvv.

More Info:

Turls on Twitter

Popstar Benny on Twitter

Popstar FM on Twitter

Interview: Menace


Photo: Courtesy of Menace

What do you use to produce?

FL Studio.

How long will you work on a production?

It depends. It might take an hour. Sometimes five to six hours.

When’s the last time you visited the US to work?

Last year — LA.

How did you link up with Blac Youngsta and produce track #14 “Forever” on his new album 223?

Through Epic. Zoey is his A&R.

Why did you want to work with Blac Youngsta?

Blac Youngsta is more… he brings a new flow. He’s the Martin Lawrence of this industry. He combines comedy and music.

What do you listen to outside of rap?

Latin artists.

What are you working on lately?

Drake’s new project, it’s coming out very soon. Travis Scott’s new album. Some Kevin Gates music.

How did the game change for you after the success of Panda?

It’s kind of like… I’m in the big house. But all the doors are locked for the rooms in the big house.

What’s your favorite thing about the music industry today?

I like that every ethnic group can get together and talk about the same thing — the music.

More Info:

Menace on Twitter

Daywlk – “Zoo” (prod. The Beat Plug)

Photo: Joshua Sowemimo

Out of all my observations of Daywlk’s latest offering, “Zoo”, the most endearing quality is the artist’s patience in his delivery. He’s found new flows and it shows. The flow itself doesn’t let itself stagnate in the 3:06 it takes for Daywlk to conceptualize his thoughts, breaking itself up and putting itself back together over and over again. “Zoo” is produced by The Beat Plug and was mixed by Zach Alum.

More Info:

Daywlk on Twitter

Daywlk on Instagram

RobOlu – Excellence EP

Photo: Nathaniel Johnson IV

RobOlu returns with 4 new songs, fashioned as the Excellence EP. The songs are dark and dynamic. As a result, Rob’s vocals boom like thunder. Be sure to check out his recent video for “Moonwalk”, his most pop-friendly record to date.

More Info:

RobOlu on Twitter

Elijah Watkins Presents “Finesse Worldwide”

Story connoisseur Elijah Watkins brought the city of Atlanta out to his event by the name of “The Year of Finesse”. I, along with many others, was in attendance to witness Elijah’s careful curation of fashion and music, accented by live recordings of interviews with Childish Major, OG Parker, and St. Beauty. It was a memorable event that included a DJ set, ability to browse and purchase from the season’s collection, as well as connect with like-minded individuals on the Westside of Atlanta’s midtown district.

Inspired by the cultural renaissance currently taking place in Atlanta, Finesse Worldwide curates exclusive apparel designed for contemporary tastemakers and innovative minds.

Originally coined to describe refinement or delicacy of workmanship, structure, or texture, “finesse” is a term used colloquially to represent the skillful maneuvering of a situation, circumstance, or obstacle. “Finesse” is a quality that many self-reliant individuals must possess in order to flourish in today’s creative climate; this season’s apparel highlights the dual-meaning behind the word, as well as the nuanced nature of those wearing it.

The simplistic “currency” stylization of the logo t-shirt is synonymous to those with affluent aspirations, while the “construction” hoody is the perfect garment for cultural innovators who frequently find themselves braving the elements as they work to build a brighter tomorrow.

Pieces of the season’s collection was available for purchase in limited quantity exclusively at the ‘The Year of Finesse’ pop-up gallery, on February 2, 2018 from 5:00pm-10:00pm a A Ma Maniére in Atlanta, GA, a location some might recognize as the store where Joe La Puma joined 2 Chainz for an episode of Sneaker Shopping.

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More Info:

Finesse Worldwide homepage

Elijah Watkins homepage