Kindle eBook pre-orders are now available for 27-year-old writer Mustafa Abubaker‘s 3rd novel We Are Also Home, a magically realistic 444-page story set in Karachi, Pakistan, and Atlanta, Georgia.

The Kindle eBook is out next Tuesday, December 15th, 2020, but you can pre-order it now at this link for only $3.50.

The print paperback is out now, and you can order it now at this link for only $11.99.

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Design by Luis Pineda

A magnetic novel about two people intertwined by their single parents to each other who find love but not without mystery, poor boy Taimur Mahdi and rich girl Yara Janmohamed ditch modern Karachi for Atlanta to chase Yara’s dream of becoming a successful recording artist. Success arrives quicker for her than she could have ever imagined, and she has to confront her literal, random invisibility in front of Taimur once and for all. But not before a riveting, passionate affair between Taimur’s mother, Farishtay, and Yara’s father, Syed, goes wrong due to a drug overdose. Should Taimur and Yara have ever met? What really happened between his mom and her dad? Was Pakistan better for them as a home in the long run? Is Yara safe with Taimur? Suspenseful and provocative, Mustafa Abubaker’s third novelis keenly attuned to the complexities of family, visibility, and love. We Are Also Home explores the fragility of visibility South Asian women grapple with daily and how our closest bonds are reshaped–and unexpected new ones are forged–in moments of vulnerability.

Born July 25, 1993, in Queens, New York, Mustafa Abubaker is a writer. His writing has appeared in Rolling StoneGolf MediaAtlanta, and more.

www.mustafaabubaker.com is live: there’s a homepagean about sectiona services sectiona work sectiona press section, and a contact section. Let’s work!

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