Interview: Natalie

Here at Romusa we value rising artists. Natalie’s new song Devotion is an absolute earworm that has quickly climbed the ranks of my favorite songs to come out this year. Check it out below and learn more about Natalie.


1) What is your earliest memory of music?
My earliest memory of music was probably my uncle singing a Boys II Men song in a Karaoke machine.

2) How musical is your family?
I have two uncles that enjoyed singing but other than that not much. I don’t have any family members that produced or really recorded original music and distributed it.

3) Are you the first in your family to pursue music?
I’m the first to seriously pursue music.

4) What do you remember about the first song you wrote and recorded?
The first song I wrote and recorded was called Ashamed and is actually still up on my Soundcloud to this day. I started making the beat and it was originally acoustic. I hated the way my voice sounded, so I pitched down my vocals to sound completely different, almost male. And built out the beat around it and sent it to my friend to collaborate on.

5) What compelled you to create the genre(s) you do today?
That’s tough. I move through a lot of different genres, I have songs out right now that are pop, dancehall, trap, hip-hop, but all sound consistent. I just make what I’m feeling, because I produce I’m not limited to beats that people send me.

6) What is your label situation?
I’m not signed to anything. No label, no talent agency, no marketing company, etc. I’m 100% independent.

7) What are your thoughts on the state of the industry today?
It’s interesting, I think that the state of the industry in a monetary sense is bright and booming because of streaming, television programming, etc. I’m personally not a huge fan of certain trends in music, like “meme-rap”, singing about things that aren’t honest in one’s life, and saying you’re independent when you’re are being funded by agencies/companies. I also think it’s pretty reckless and dangerous to promote young kids 13-17 singing about drug culture, because it’s normalizing it at a peer level to a really young audience.

8) How did you make Devotion?
I knew I wanted to make a summer track and I was listening to a ton of dancehall songs so it just felt right. I started making the beat and sang about things that were happening last year. Everything just kind of fell together naturally.

9) Technically — What do you need to make music?
Honestly, just an interface, mic, laptop with Ableton, and midi keyboard. I use a Scarlett 2i4, a Rode Nt1, and an Alesis 49 key.

10) What is a favorite lyric you’ve written recently?
In Devotion I said, “ I been hurt I been misused, I played now I play too.” I felt that.

11) Do you go by Natalie or Shameful Natalie?
I just go by Natalie. I changed my Instagram/Twitter name to my first EP name and my first name because Natalie was taken by some influencer. I think ShamefulNatalie is sticking though so who knows I might change it, Natalie isn’t exactly SEO friendly.

12) Why that name to record and release under?
I like going by just my first name because the music I make is true to who I am. The things I sing about are experiences I have gone through so it makes sense to release it without a filter or character mask.

13) Dream collaboration?
That’s so hard, I think my dream collaboration would be Travis Scott or Boys II Men.

14) If you could record music anywhere, where would it be?
I would love to go back to Houston or even Chicago and just create. I would love to try Toronto too but I don’t the vibe there.

15) What’s next for you?
I’m dropping a lot more before the year ends. Got a music video coming out 2 singles and hopefully 1-2 more EP’s before 2020 so keep an eye out for the girl.

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