VAIN returns with a bang, seamlessly adapts to Believe on R. D. Abernathy

The monthly party says goodbye to Studio No. 7, kicks off new era

“Just follow me. Just follow me. Let’s dance,” says DJ $ushi Ceej.

Ceej has played at Vain for years and has become one of, if not the, leading Atlanta DJs controlling what the community gets down to on any given weeknight.

The night also marks the shift to the venue Believe on R. D. Abernathy. “Very ratchet,” says SRDTV of the place before Trevon Williams and his team took a hold of it. Vain held a residency at the cozy Studio no. 7 on Marietta Street for years.

The good thing is that Vain, as advertised in promotion, had a long, long line. The bad thing is that the gusts and sleet-like rain pelting people. The banners were a nice touch but was there an effort towards installing overheads? That’s all I’m asking.

Notable attendees included Junia Abaidoo, Key!, Josiah, SRDTV, James Supreme. Around 1AM is when the 90s R&B comes in, the pinnacle of feel good feel good gets. Champagne Trap likes sirens and blared them all night.

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