The Kavanaugh Trial

The Democrats are using the Clarence Thomas method to try and stop Kavanaugh, but they will fail yet again. She’s been deleting her social media presence to hide her political activism in an apparent cooperation with the democrats. This is too easy. Why do the Democrats stoop to these levels? It never works for them. There are hypocrites everywhere, as we learn time and time again in America.


No idea if it really happened or not but are people not allowed to change? And for the better?  Is everybody the same person they were at 17?  If Kavanaugh actually did it and he said, “hey I’m sorry this happened” it likely still wouldn’t be enough. There needs to be solid evidence for me to actually believe this. Due process should still exist – legally and culturally.  We are in a unique situation. We now have men losing their jobs and getting judged based on actions taken 10+ years ago.  Dudes are getting judged based on cracking jokes. Look at that one director from the Guardians franchise. This dude is getting killed over something that happened when he was a kid more than 30 years ago. That’s insanity.


This is an example from back in Texas. This 50 year old superintendent had some trouble with bullying in his school district and a man came into a school board meeting and said he was bullied by the guy when he was 11 years old back in the 70s.

Can it not be that the guy was an asshole in his teenager boy days that is probably more of a result of herd mentality and realized he was wrong and improved as a person? This shit is tiring and it’s cultural. This is a new low, trying to smear a man for sth that probably didn’t happen 30 years ago at high school. The timing of the accusation is a dead giveaway that this is bullshit. People who support or even tolerate this behavior based on a misguided sense of loyalty are as much guilty in this as those who decided to make use of such abhorrent methods.

This Kavanaugh guy is scum. It’s been revealed that he lied under oath regarding domestic spying programs in the Bush era. He belongs in jail, not the Supreme Court.

AL Franken had the good sense to resign over an allegation. Mr. Kavanaugh should rescind his acceptance of nomination immediately. It’s the right thing to do. It’s obvious that all this circus is not about a nomination, it’s purely about politics. I consider myself more left than right, but this farce is just sad. It’s about fucking touching or not touching a pussy 36 years ago while drinking as a teenager, which is one of the most common things on earth. Yeah, Kavanaugh is the prime example of a fraternity brother with very wealthy background, enjoying the Ralph Lauren commercial lifestyle on the east coast but let’s be honest here.

Here’s the allegation. While he was drunk, he or his friend pushed a girl into a room and onto a bed. His friend turned the music in the room up, he got on top of her and started to grind on her while attempting to take off her clothes. She attempted to scream and he covered her mouth. Groping is highly inappropriate, but we’re talking about attempted rape here, or at least sexual assault. Now if he had admitted that he did what he has been accused of or that it is possible, though he doesn’t remember, we could go from there. Instead, he is clearly stating that these allegations are lies and that he is the victim of lies and smears. If we are to believe that this is a “prime example of a fraternity brother with very wealthy background,” we have a nominee for the Supreme Court who can’t cop to past mistakes and is lying under oath. This is serious.

Ford’s life, as well as that of her husband and children, have been turned upside down. She has received numerous death threats, her home address has been published online. The address of her parents has been published online. Her reputation has been dragged through the mud. Some would have us believe that she has done all of this to herself and her family for a lie. These were the things she was concerned about prior to coming forward and, in part, why it took so long for her story to come to light.

If you don’t realize that the Durbin/FBI probe is a trap, then you’re a fool. He denies the allegations. It’s not up to him to get the FBI involved. The committee had plenty of time to get the FBI involved. And besides, there are so many holes in Ford’s story that it would be a taxpayer’s waste of time and money. He’ll be confirmed by next week.

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