Elijah Watkins Presents “Finesse Worldwide”

Story connoisseur Elijah Watkins brought the city of Atlanta out to his event by the name of “The Year of Finesse”. I, along with many others, was in attendance to witness Elijah’s careful curation of fashion and music, accented by live recordings of interviews with Childish Major, OG Parker, and St. Beauty. It was a memorable event that included a DJ set, ability to browse and purchase from the season’s collection, as well as connect with like-minded individuals on the Westside of Atlanta’s midtown district.

Inspired by the cultural renaissance currently taking place in Atlanta, Finesse Worldwide curates exclusive apparel designed for contemporary tastemakers and innovative minds.

Originally coined to describe refinement or delicacy of workmanship, structure, or texture, “finesse” is a term used colloquially to represent the skillful maneuvering of a situation, circumstance, or obstacle. “Finesse” is a quality that many self-reliant individuals must possess in order to flourish in today’s creative climate; this season’s apparel highlights the dual-meaning behind the word, as well as the nuanced nature of those wearing it.

The simplistic “currency” stylization of the logo t-shirt is synonymous to those with affluent aspirations, while the “construction” hoody is the perfect garment for cultural innovators who frequently find themselves braving the elements as they work to build a brighter tomorrow.

Pieces of the season’s collection was available for purchase in limited quantity exclusively at the ‘The Year of Finesse’ pop-up gallery, on February 2, 2018 from 5:00pm-10:00pm a A Ma Maniére in Atlanta, GA, a location some might recognize as the store where Joe La Puma joined 2 Chainz for an episode of Sneaker Shopping.

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More Info:

Finesse Worldwide homepage

Elijah Watkins homepage

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