BNT: Nessly – “Back To Life”



Atlanta-based, Brooklyn-born rapper Nessly is a sonic purveyor of auto-tuned flamboyancy. His excellent ear for production has led to working with New York production team Take A Daytrip, a team known for pushing and blurring the boundaries of EDM and rap. Nessly seems to be the one of the few – perhaps the sole – artist to wring a lasso over his head and pull Take A Daytrip back to his world on wax, finding pockets in productions and making it sound effortless.

Tagging his songs on streaming services with tags like Alternative Rock, Nessly comes off as another staunch advocate of the rock sound perpetuating hip-hop today. Whether he’s trolling or not – he may never say – much of his music expresses a scorned attitude on both life and art, a desirable trait for a young person’s discerning ear, and certainly a very rock perspective.

“Back To Life”, from new album “Wildflower” out later this year on Republic Records, goes from verse to bridge to hook to verse to bridge to hook without much fanfare, prolonged intros or ad-libbed detours. The song finds Nessly in a focused state, intending to set a tone. This is a good indicator of a piece of music’s replay value. Nessly is at his best when he delves into analogies, playing with the English language in instances, “Donated all of my blood / I do this shit for my blood.” His references to vampires add another dimension to a song that finds itself unaware of its own cultural depth, a dimension Nessly could stand to explore more of in hopes to further differentiate his already unique sound.

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