Vluestar – “I Don’t Want No Lover”

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Vluestar, a high school student at press time, is an R&B and soul singer prone to working within the influence of alternative rock. Based in Atlanta, his song “I Don’t Want No Lover” moves at a slower pace. only to be moved along by raspy, wispy vocals that come from the heart.

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14 thoughts on “Vluestar – “I Don’t Want No Lover”

  1. Vluestar makes amazing music. He puts a lot of his personality, thoughts and emotions into what he produces. His music is honestly the type of thing you put on after a long day when you feel tired and you need vibes. I’d be lying if I said his music didn’t inspire me, because what he puts into his songs is so unique that you can’t help but be inspired. Vluestar is an inspiration and he produces all of this himself, he’s talented. He’s a star in the making.

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  2. i get good vibes from his music, it’s relating and honestly beautiful. vluestar on the come up and might be bigger than some of these rappers tbh. only the best for him ⚘.

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  3. Vluestar is someone who comes from nothing and is building a path to not just become a somone for the heck of it, he is built off of experience and his music shows,
    What he can do as a person to put in hard work for what he is passionate about.

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  4. honestly I’ve been listening to his music for a while and it’s like his music gets better and better. he’s basically opening up his feelings to a point where you can relate and it eases you. his music is so chill and i personally have half if his songs in my morning playlist. and my mom is in love with him😭 but the best thing about his music is that he is patient and when it comes to his music it’s like he lives up to his own hype if that makes sense 💀 I wouldn’t sleep on him…….

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  5. listening to Vluestar’s is a blessing in itself, you can feel how real every word spoken is and when it aligns with the beat, it’s like art amplified in your speakers or headphones. his music envokes emotions and feelings that cause inspiration from the deepest parts of me. in knowing who he is and how much work is put into his music it’s perfection in the making and im so proud of him.

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  6. Y’all don’t sleep on Vluestar now. Mans gonna make it to the big leagues one day. Just sit back and watch. His music is one of most chill things to listen to. And even outside of music he’s a dope ass friend and hilarious as hell. So if you not listening to vluestar yet….what you doing?🤔

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  7. Vluestar makes great music yo whenever I come home and I’m feeling down and tired asf his music is just so relaxing and relatable to my life. Just something unique and different about his music . Like u could literally dream while listening. Lyric he says is so relate able .If it was t for him I would do what I wanna do . I look up to Vlue and his also a bro too me

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